Egoli Place of Gold is a family-owned and operated business where personalised service is our trademark, and custom-designed jewellery is our specialty.

We encourage an open and friendly atmosphere in our shop, where anything from emotions to price can be discussed with respect and honesty. From your first visit you will enjoy the entire experience of dealing with professional designers, craftsmen and gemmologists who will assist in the process of designing your ring and selecting your stones. Our attention to detail from start to finish guarantees a ring that will be truly unique and an accurate reflection of your wishes and personality.

To be a qualified goldsmith, you must commit to four years of intensive training in every aspect of jewellery. Tony has been crafting timeless pieces for his clients for over thirty years and has trained 9 apprentices, two of whom are still working in our family business.

Tim has been working with us for 15 years and counting. He is an exceptional goldsmith with amazing design skills.

Damon is currently travelling and collecting some new ideas and experience.

Nicki is a qualified gemmologist and registered valuer. She will gladly give you expert advice on diamonds and gemstones.

Lex has had many years of experience in the industry and can help with almost any enquiry.

Jason is our newly qualified, award winning goldmith.  He is keen to continue learning new skills.

Come in and take advantage of the vast knowledge and experience of our team!

Come in and meet the team


Tony Whitehorn – Goldsmith
Tim Coote – Goldsmith
Damon Whitehorn – Goldsmith
Nicki Whitehorn – Gemmologist and Valuer
Alexa Whitehorn – Customer Service
Jason Nesbitt – Goldsmith