Individual Design & Custom Gold Rings

Individually designed and handcrafted jewellery is our speciality – our skilled craftsmen provide a custom design service to create precisely what your heart desires. At Egoli Place of Gold we practice the traditional skills of the goldsmith’s craft, to allow our customers to participate fully in the exciting process of creating beautiful, unique jewellery.

Ring Designs

At Egoli Place of Gold, we know the excitement of designing and creating hand-crafted engagement rings and other special occasion jewellery – it’s why we do what we do. And now we can share that excitement with our customers. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a special occasion piece, you can be involved from the design and drawing stage and, the choosing of your diamond or gemstones to the end. Our craftsmen do their work right there in our shop, so you can see your heirloom taking shape before your eyes.

Perhaps you already have gemstones – we can show you how to incorporate them into your design. And if you don’t have any stones of your own, our gemmologist Nicki will guide you through the process of choosing stones that suit you, your design, and your pocket.