Jewellery Repair & Restorations Perth

When a cherished piece of jewellery is damaged or broken, it can break your heart. Quite apart from its own beauty, our jewellery carries potent sentimental symbolism – our feelings about the person that gave it to us, or about the occasion on which it was given, and what was going on in our lives at that time. Having damaged jewellery professionally repaired should be a top priority.

Jewellery Repairs

At Egoli Place of Gold, we’ve dried a lot of tears in the 18 years we’ve been serving Perth’s jewellery owners. We’ve repaired broken jewellery, resized rings and performed complex restorations of intricate pieces. Bring it to us – if it can be repaired, we’ll repair it!

Jewellery Restoration

Even when a piece of jewellery is not damaged, it may still need restoration. Pearl strings will wear, and eventually break, with the high risk that some of your precious pearls may be lost. Silver tarnishes and, being soft metals, gold and silver are both prone to scratching if inexpertly cleaned. If you are in any doubt about the techniques for cleaning your jewellery, bring it to us for a professional clean.

Wedding Ring Resizing

A beautiful piece of jewellery is not just an object of beauty. One of the most common ways that we come by our jewellery is to inherit it. But when a ring is bequeathed to a loved one, the chances are that it will have to fit a finger of a different size to that of its previous owner. Too big, and the ring risks being lost; too small, and, well, you get the picture. And let’s face it, our fingers are not exempt from the aging process, so a wedding ring may need resizing in the course of a lifetime even if doesn’t change hands! At Egoli, we offer a quick, accurate wedding ring resizing service. All our work is done here on our premises in Duncraig, so your jewellery does not risk loss or theft in transit.