Jewellery Alterations & Remodelling

Do you have outdated or worn out jewellery that you no longer wear? Perhaps you have inherited a piece that has sentimental value but you don’t like the design? At Egoli Place of Gold, we don’t just make beautiful new jewellery, we also transform old, tired jewellery into stunning pieces, contemporary yet timeless.

If you have inherited an engagement ring with strong sentimental associations and beautiful gem stones, but the setting is past its best or not to your taste, you need a remake.

Egoli Place of Gold provides every kind of refurbishment of jewellery, from minor alterations and repairs to complete remodelling and rethreading of pearls.

We offer our customers the options of:

  • Repairing your jewellery in faithful obedience to the original design.
  • Remodelling your jewellery using the original stones, but in a setting of your own design, created with our help.
  • Adding new stones to those found in the original setting. If you have stones already, we can incorporate them into the new design. If not, we’ll help you select stones that fit your design ideas, and your pocket.