Handmade Jewellery by Tony Whitehorn


TonyTony started in the jewellery industry as a handmade jewellery apprentice when he was 16 years old in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Unsure of what he wanted to do but, knowing he hated school, he agreed to try jewellery manufacture when his father’s friend offered him a position in his handmade jewellery workshop.  He was hooked on the first day and, has not looked back since!

After serving  his 5 year apprenticeship, and, with his newfound skills he  started his own handmade jewellery business in the suburbs of Johannesburg where his unique vision and jewellery design perspective saw him flourish and grow. He expanded from one store to two and was always well known for his honesty, his individual pieces and, his exceptional craftsmanship.  This is also where he began to impart his wisdom on young apprentices – he has to date trained 12 jewellers,  many of whom won awards while training with him and, who have since moved on to start successful handmade jewellery businesses of their own.

In the 1980’s at the height of political unrest in South Africa, he moved to Perth, Australia with his young family.  He set up in his garage at home as a handmade jewellery designer and manufacturer.  His strong sense of family kept him here for several years with customers coming to visit him in the lounge room while the kids played in the room next door.

Tony was joined in the business by his wife Nicki and they opened the shop in Glengarry Shopping Centre where they have worked together for almost 20 years. The kids who played at home while the customers visited are also involved in the shop.  They all relish the delivery of unique designs and  outstanding and caring customer service which has led to much repeat business.

Tony has escaped becoming jaded by the industry and is still greatly motivated by the challenge to produce something entirely different but still functional and practical.  He is passionate about producing lifelong pieces of personalised handmade jewellery –  pieces that will be worn for generations to come – today’s treasures, tomorrow’s heirlooms and future antiques. He is constantly exploring and developing new visions for his work, getting inspiration from travelling and from walking and cycling in natural environments. Tony is all about quality and is well known for his attention to detail and willingness to ‘have a go’ at producing, restoring  or repairing jewellery that no other jeweller is prepared to attempt. He never cuts costs and is fanatical about finish.  An extraordinary  jeweller and a master craftsman in every sense of the word.