Unique engagement rings by Tim Coote

Need a unique engagement ring? Tim Coote, master craftsman is your man!

It’s been 15 years since Tim entered the jewellery industry. A shy 17 year old ‘surfie’ walked into egoli place of gold, asking for a job – we couldn’t resist his mild manner and unique approach and, history was made.

Tim’s love of jewellery was initially inspired by his desire to create. Wood and metalwork were his first loves, with a natural progression to precious metals and stones. His inspiration now comes from nature, from changing seasons and light and, from the strong shapes, delicate features and organic elements that he sees while surfing and hanging out at the beach with his young family.

Unique engagement rings are his specialty. For Tim it’s not only about trends but also about the design and quality of the craftsmanship. Passionate about platinum and diamonds, he is well known for his attention to detail. Over the years Tim’s fascination with metal and gemstones has led him to pursue and experiment with different methods of manufacture. Platinum, an unforgiving metal, is his favourite for the very challenges it poses. He often combines it with rose or yellow gold, along with intricate solder work and piercing, to create his unique engagement ring designs. Every element of his unique engagement rings are handmade with very little reliance on casting or other manufacturing processes. He wants to be able to hand make everything all of the time. Technology and computer aided design in jewellery is not something he relates to. Traditional handcrafting methods with tools that haven’t changed in hundreds of years is what he prefers. He feels strongly about creativity, uniqueness of design and the ability to stand out from the crowd.

Traditional diamond engagement rings are always amazing but if you want a unique engagement ring with coloured gemstones or interesting metalwork, there are countless options for something a bit more alternative. Why have the same design as everyone else when you can explore your individual creativity to design an engagement ring that is unique to you?

A proposal is a special and intimate moment, an engagement ring the ultimate expression of love. Being involved in the design and appreciation for the art of a unique engagement ring handmade by someone with their heart is an experience that is unique and meaningful.

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